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Pitt plays an astronaut [ You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. By Guy Lodge.

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Lucy Quotes – ‘Learning is always a painful process.’

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‘Lynn + Lucy’: San Sebastian Review

Sign Up. How do you find your nationality impacting your role as a storyteller, if at all? In terms or art, I can make a huge list of talented people that are stuck because of the system. Every president reduces the budget that is supposed to go to art. The only thing they do is tweet proudly whenever someone wins an Oscar. I know only one good film school that actually has the tools to provide students the education they need. Even though, the admission process is tough. I do love Mexican films though.

Mexico is going through a lot of issues. I feel my only way to help is to write about it. It was such a hazy situation that it shook our entire nation. NYFA: What themes, topics, or genres do you find yourself most drawn to? And who establishes that? And I always have female leads.

LL: I read a lot of reviews and they all mostly agreed in NYFA having a great screenwriting department, I also did some research on the alumni , they are selling pilots, etc. Once the course started the teachers and their classes spoke for themselves. I do think NYFA has a brilliant screenwriting department.

All the professors are working writers but more than that, by their feedback and guidance you immediately know their knowledge in this field is huge. What have you learned by submitting and being accepted to festivals and what are some pieces of advice you would give aspiring screenwriters in terms of creating screenplays that will perform well at festivals?

Lucy Quotes – ‘Learning is always a painful process.’

LL: I think the journey starts by being honest with yourself. Do I have the necessary tools? Do I need more training? Or do I need to work harder than the ones who are?

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So I think the answer is… I had a story I was passionate about and I worked hard. I did my best because I trusted in my story and I knew I wanted to get it out there.

Female Characters

I never used excuses, and mostly, I enjoyed every word and every page I wrote. I knew exactly what needed work.

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How has this helped you to develop your skills as a screenwriter and has it helped you to forge any new working relationships? LL: Once you graduate, the Alumni Class gives the best students the opportunity to write in a workshop with a professor.